iFAX New Zealand delivers faxes to your email

How does iFAX fax to email work?

When you sign up for iFAX you are issued with a unique iFAX fax number.
You can use this number directly, or redirect your existing fax number to it.
Anyone can fax you in the normal way.

All faxes sent to your iFAX number are converted by our iFAX service to a standard TIFF graphic file (or .pdf if you prefer).
TIFFs are universally supported by Windows PCs and Macs and are automatically opened when you click on them.

The TIFF file is then attached to an email and sent to you at the email address(es) you have nominated (up to 2).
You receive and open the email and view the fax onscreen.
View it, print it, save it, forward it or delete it - your choice.

For more details, please view our frequently asked questions.

At this time we only offer Auckland iFAX numbers - you can redirect to your iFAX number from other locations but redirection charges will apply.